Fargah Design | More than Imaginations

Fargah Design Company is a Studio Design that works on Hyper cars and based in California.  

Designing more than imagination  have always been the passion of Saeed Fargah, the owner and namesake of Fargah Design

The major of Fargah Design is Designing amazing Hyper cars that are more than imagination.

Everyone who dreams of an exclusive car can let us turn it into a unique item. We realise your wishes. For you to experience your dream of the perfect car

(Tuning/Design/CAD/CAM /CFD (Aerodynamic simulation & Computational Fluid Dynamic)/Monocoque Chassis design/Rapid prototyping and Generating / making body  kits with Carbon fiber , FRP , Plastic ABS or PU High quality)

All OUR product's make in H.. Motorsport (Germany or US)

For clients or investors to develop contact us:

Contact us : 📩 info@fargah-design.com

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work team

  • Saeed Fargah

    CEO and Founder of Fargah Design company Designer of Lamborghini Aventador 2018…

  • Ahmed Yeganeh

    Business Manager of Fargah Design in mid-east | A:  Office 2106, Level…

  • Christophe Arnaud

    Christophe Arnaud , business Developer Of Fargah Design in Europe | Office…

  • Ray Nia

    Engineer Ray Nia , Business Manager of Fargah Design in USA .…

our advantages

we can work as digital every where that you located , we can manage the project

our process is digital , we will send the digital 3D file of plan to making and for getting information from you , we just need 3D scanned chassis.

CFD | we check all fields in designing process | like aerodynamic simulation | Generation capabilities and standards .

working and cooperation with the best body kit maker companies in the world like Hamann is our quality .
  • Why Us

    we showed our Power by designing on Lamborghini facelift , one of the most hard…

  • Mission & values

    Everyone who dreams of an exclusive car can let us turn it into a unique…

  • Our standards

    we have cooperation with the best companies like Hamann motor sport for body kit making